Tray to find your own dream



Love like ours there are not two in life
For more that is sought, however hidden
You sleep with me every night
You remain silent without any reproach
That’s why I love you, that’s why I love you
You are in my life all my treasure.

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You can use subtitles in different languages as well.
The sounds it is extraordinarily amazing

My Soul Brother

You are my soul brother, really the friend,
That in every way and day is always with me,
Although you are a man you still have the soul of a child,
The one who gives me his friendship, his respect and affection.

Talent with the new guitar

The magic God gave him listen.

The radio is playing your song and I’m alone at the table in a cafe, out the window I’m watching rain, thinking of you my love.

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Method of learning to play guitar.


Romantic music,to love forever.


This video is really nice to listen ,If you love someone.



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